Utah Pool and Hot Tub Inspection

Regardless of where you live, having a pool in your pool is something most kids dream of. I didn’t realize when I was younger that the amount of work it takes to maintain a backyard pool or hot tub. The cleaning, upkeep, filter changing, and so on never crossed my mind. These items become increasingly important if you are looking to buy a home with a pool/hot tub already installed or as your pool/hot tub ages. Proper maintenance can save you thousands in the long run as it helps prevent major costly repairs. So whether you are looking to ensure your soon-to-be new pool/hot tub is in working order or want to be sure your current one is aging well, a professional inspection is just what you need.

Pools can have a variety of safety hazards if not properly maintained. Some of the more common ISSUES we’ve seen are faulty wiring, loose railings, failing steps or surrounding deck surface, and poorly attached ladders. The adequately trained eye quickly founds these and other issues. That is why we recommend you hire an expert to ensure your family can enjoy the pool/hot tub without having to worry about their health or safety is at risk.

Our licensed contractors here at American Fortitude are trained to perform inspections on various pools from in-ground to spas to above-ground hot tubs; they have worked with them all. Our inspections are as thorough as they come, with an assessment covering all the major components of your pool or hot tub. Our professional examination will be tailored to your specific equipment and situation after a brief consultation. Some examples of items commonly included in our inspections are the exterior and surrounding area and the interior. All electrical connections are checked to ensure they have proper bonding, the cover, and existing water, the open service compartment, active heater, blower, lights, and pump motor jets, and a leak check is also performed. Also, lines are inspected along with the ladder. Our goal is to take the stress out of your pool/hot tub maintenance.

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The company installed and maintains the security system at my home. They are great to work with, if I have any questions or need help, they are very willing to answer and help. They are honest and prompt with their service.

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