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American Fortitude’s drone roof inspections provide aerial pictures, videos, and thermal imaging of your roof. Drone photography allows us to gather important information about your rooftop quickly. Whether you are getting a roof inspection to assess your home’s value, look for damage, estimate repair or maintenance costs, or prepare for a project like solar panels, drone roof inspections are the way to go.

The biggest reason to use a drone is that it no longer requires having human lives at risk while performing a roof inspection. Unsurprisingly, surveys have found that most death and injury while performing a roof inspection are due to falls. When using drones, the chances of a roof inspector being injured are diminished.

Using drones for roof inspections is far more efficient. Using a drone allows us to take measurements and photos in about a third of the time. Drones also allow us to provide broader and more detailed reports because they can access and take pictures of otherwise inaccessible areas; overhanging features and recessed sections of the roof are often neglected due to being impossible to get to during regular roof inspections.

A drone is all that’s needed for a roof inspection. Before drones, inspectors would require a van with ladders, measuring tapes, harnesses, cameras, etc. Now, they just require a drone. Because of the reduction in equipment, drone roof inspections save you time and money.

Our drone inspections allow us to spot leaks, imperfections, or problems with the structure. Leaks are highlighted by thermal imaging. All this gives you more accurate information about the state of your roof for better project estimates, quotes, and repair costs. Our drones also find additional problems with aging roofs, old drains & vents on the roof can have leaks or cracks, and water pooling is common on older roofs.

Flight stability, obstacle avoidance systems, and GPS guidance help our drone operate at a safe distance from your home and in harsh weather conditions while taking high-quality images and video.

If you plan on getting a roof inspection to assess your home’s value, look for potential leaks or damage, or plan a project, contact us today.




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